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ITS A SECRET's Journal

Below are the 25 most recent journal entries.

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  2004.11.15  13.35

why am i so stupid?


  2004.09.20  03.17

I'm back bitches!


  2004.06.04  20.51


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Mood: exanimate

  2004.05.26  14.13

My motherboard blew up so i will be out for awhile

Mood: disappointed

  2004.05.22  20.28

Sorry Kendall, I had to use it...

Mood: amused

  2004.05.19  23.44

yep so ive gotten sick of this live journal name so i changed to metal_on
so all of you that have me as ur friends you can add that name now


  2004.05.19  15.17

fuck school im done


  2004.05.19  09.40

ya so ive decided to grow my hair realllllllllllllly long like my friend Randall, and if you know who Randall is, you know whats up.

Mood: eager

  2004.05.09  16.29

movin to philly, whos commin?


  2004.05.09  04.15
you are an ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!

GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2004.05.07  09.38

check out www.scapegoatbmxmedia.com

for an upcoming promo

Mood: working

  2004.05.04  18.23

scratch it, no party


  2004.05.03  14.42

If me and you are friends write somethin, if were not....... go fuck yourself


  2004.05.02  22.45

Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck


  2004.04.27  22.46

I MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT be having a little (get together) next friday so if you wanna come, anyone can.

AND DONT JUST FUCKIN SHOW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, CALL ME BEFORE (248)-462-5180

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Mood: anxious

  2004.04.23  09.44

title or description

I saw Ricky on a 411 opener, I thought that that was the dopest lookin' thing I've ever seen on a skateboard. I said to myself "as soon as i go back to Philly, I'm popin' up them tiles and skatin' then cans"

Mood: anxious

  2004.04.22  23.28

so confusing

Mood: confused

  2004.04.19  22.47

I hate when people try to conrol your life and wont let u do what u want and try to tell you whats right and whats wrong!!!!!

Sorry Roz.

Mood: irritated

  2004.04.19  20.54

1. joel and i are _______.
2. joel is _________.
3. joel isn't ________.
4. joel makes me feel ________.
5. one thing that i like about joel is ________.
6. if i could change one thing about joel, i would ________.
7. joel should ________.
8. if joel were a color, he would be ________.
9. if joel were an animal, he would be ________.
10. if joel were a candy, he would be ________.
11. if joel were a song, he would be ________.
12. i dislike it when joel ________.
13. if i could be with joel right now, i would ________.
14. if i could give joel one thing, it would be ________.
15. sometimes, when i think of joel, i ________.

Sorry Rachael

Mood: curious

  2004.04.09  00.18


title or description

Mood: excited

  2004.04.06  00.06

Are You feelin' it?


  2004.04.02  13.00

So, im chillin here in PPI doin jack shit like always

Spring break is on its way. Still one more spot open for anybody who want to go with us, for a low price of $0.00


Mood: happy

  2004.04.01  10.16

1 more spot open!!!! Anybody wanna go to Philly for spring break for FREE, let me know

Mood: curious

  2004.03.30  16.39

its gonna be so nasty out all week!!! why can't it just be nice for once


  2004.03.27  20.50

Are you goin anywhere for spring break?

Where are you going?

Why are you goin there?

With who?

Fun, Fun

Mood: curious

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